New Jersey Worker’s Compensation

A medical provider is permitted to file a claim in worker’s compensation court if the insurance carrier does not issue payment in full. The medical provider is no longer required to rely upon the patient’s worker’s compensation attorney to collect payment for the medical provider. Massood & McCluskey, LLC is very successful in collecting significant sums of money for health care providers such as orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, hospitals, and ambulatory care facilities that have not received full payment from worker’s compensation carriers. The medical treatment must be authorized. The items listed below with an asterisk must be provided. The other information is helpful, and should be provided.

  1. Completed worker’s compensation in-take sheet which must include the following information*;
    1. Patient’s name, social security number, date of birth and current address*;
    2. Name and address of patient’s employer*;
    3. Date and location of accident*;
    4. Name of insurance carrier and claim number*;
    5. HICFs (Health Insurance Claim Forms)*
    6. EOBs (Explanation of Benefits Forms)*;
    7. Operative Report and/or Office notes – maybe required to justify CPT Code; and
    8. The patient’s worker’s compensation attorney’s information.
  2. To send a worker’s compensation file to our firm to file, it is best to send the file electronically. Kindly email same to If you prefer regular mail, kindly send same to Massood & McCluskey, LLC, 50 Packanack Lake Road, Wayne, NJ 07470 or by fax to 973-696-4211.

    Please contact our office manager, Donella Stubbs, at 973-696-1900 for a distinct user ID and password which allows you to view your facility’s case statuses.

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