Workers Compensation for Medical Providers: Payment For Treatment


The medical provider is now permitted to file a claim for reduced payment of their medical directly in Worker’s Compensation Court. The medical provider is no longer required to rely upon the patient’s worker’s compensation attorney to collect payment for the medical provider. This is a significant change. There is absolutely no incentive for the patient’s worker’s compensation attorney to collect additional monies for the medical provider.

The firm has been very successful in collecting significant sums of money for orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons and surgical centers who have not received full payment from the worker’s compensation carrier. The only requirement is that the medical treatment in question has to be authorized. If the worker’s compensation carrier pays the medical provider less than its’ usual and customary rate, this firm can file suit in worker’s compensation court to collect the difference. The provider is responsible for their own attorney’s fees. The medical provider no longer has to accept the payment issued by the worker’s compensation carrier. Pursuing a worker’s compensation claim is easy. The medical provider must provide this law firm with the following documents:

  1. Itemized Medical Bill;
  2. EOBs/EORs reflecting payment made by the worker’s compensation carrier.

This law firm prepares and handles all aspects of the worker’s compensation claim.

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